Fort Clark and Brackettville: Land of Heroes

by Bill Haenn (Author), William F Haenn (Author)


The story of Fort Clark and Brackettville began with a quiet pool of water, Las Moras Spring, named by the Spanish conquistadors for the mulberry trees lining its banks. The discovery of gold in California and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo precipitated the opening of the Lower Road from San Antonio to El Paso. To protect the spring and the travelers on the road, the U.S. government established a fort on the high ground above the spring. The town of Brackettville grew with the fort, and the area soon played host to an honor roll of American heroes. Revealed in some 200 images, many never before published, are some of the fort’s most famous alumni, including Stuart, Longstreet, Sheridan, Sherman, Bullis, Patton, and Wainwright, in addition to the little-known Medal of Honor recipients buried there. Captured here are the deeds of a legion of unsung heroes, as well as the fort and town’s historic past, highlighting the Indian War era, the Seminole Scouts, and the quiet time between the World Wars. Culled from the collections of the Library of Congress, the National Archives of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, and pioneer photographer Eugene O. Goldbeck, this book is a testament to American soldiers throughout the country.