The Fighting Men Of The Civil War

Even though the Civil War is among the best-documented wars in world history, the story of the individual soldier is not well documented. What is the story of the men in blue and gray? In The Fighting Men of the Civil War, William C. Davis shows us that for these soldiers the Civil War was far removed from politics, from the great question of slavery, even from the movement of armies.

By – William C. Davis

Shifting his focus from the officer to the men in the ranks, he begins with enlistment and training, follows with life in the camp and on the march, and concludes with experiences of combat, imprisonment, and sickness. Following the men through a wealth of anecdotes and firsthand accounts. Davis brings us the reality of war. Each branch of the service is highlighted, as are combatants such as sailors in both navies and the many African-American troops traditionally denied the limelight.

Camp life, uniforms, weapons, and a host of personal items are featured in a series of specially commissioned photographs – together with illustrations of there arms, armament, and uniforms of both Confederate and Federal forces.


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