USED: Official Manual of the U.S. Cavalry School at Fort Riley (Horsemanship and Horsemastership by Gordon Wright

THIS BOOK IS USED! Some typical wear and tear of a used book is to be expected.

During its operation, the U.S. Cavalry School at Fort Riley, Kansas, developed a system for teaching horsemanship that produced notable results. This manual, compiled by a board of officers from their own firsthand experience and from study of the methods used in other leading equestrian schools throughout the world, set forth that system of fundamental riding techniques in remarkably clear and practical fashion, for use by instructors, beginners, and riders at every stage.

Virtually unobtainable for many years, the manual has now been edited for today’s civilian riders by Gordon Wright, the well-known equestrian teacher who himself served as an instructor at the Fort Riley Cavalry School during World War II, and who has also written a personal Foreward.

Step-by-step, this work guides the instructor and pupil through every facet of horsemanship and horsemastership. From a basic preparation in using the mental faculties of the horse, it goes on to articles of equipment and their proper adjustment, the rider’s position, suppling exercises, the application of the aids, riding hall movements and customs, jumping, and cross-country riding.

The new illustrations y Sam Savitt, drawn especially for this volume, are accurate and revealing visual complements to the text, A historically unique, basic, and thoroughly useable work, The Cavalry Manual of Horsemanship and Horsemastership belongs in every horseman’s library.



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